I-70 Exit 49 De Beque Canyon Ramp Improvements

The Stolfus Team was very excited to see this construction completed in Fall 2018. This was the culmination of an effort begun in 2011, when Stolfus authored a plan for maintenance and repair to stabilize a failing shotcrete wall in De Beque Canyon.  In conjunction, the Stolfus Team collaborated with CDOT to identify other existing deficiencies in the immediate vicinity that could be effectively corrected simultaneous to the shotcrete wall repair.   Despite initial expectations that crash history would identify a need for significant correction of geometric deficiencies, the study found no crash patterns to suggest that improvements to the interchange should be a high priority for CDOT.  Rather, the best value was obtained from near-term improvements to the failing wall combined with relatively low-cost safety modifications to the Eastbound I-70 off-ramp.

In 2015, with construction funding anticipated in the near future, CDOT asked Stolfus to design the plan for FIR-level, and once funding was fully in place in 2016, Stolfus prepared a full-blown design; including final design of ramp improvements for the eastbound off- ramp and westbound on-ramp.  The proximity of the Colorado River and the constrained roadway geometric conditions in the canyon required a very detailed analysis and design.

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