Here are some things our clients are saying about us:

“Stolfus and Associates staff did an excellent job of developing a plan that met the City’s desired outcome as well as establishing a plan that directs future highway system functions acceptable to CDOT’s desires.”

-Steve Westbay, City of Gunnison Director of Community Development (US 50 Access Control Plan)


“In my experience, Stolfus & Asssociates completes detailed investigation to understand the issues facing the local community, the surrounding unincorporated county, and the potential impacts to the State transportation system; to provide a strategic and methodical approach for developing community support for future transportation development.”

-Chris LaMay, Bayfield Town Manager (US 160 Access Feasibility Study and Town of Elizabeth Street Plan)


“She [Michelle Hansen] exceeded my expectation of a consultant on an ACP [Access Control Plan] project. I have done over 15 different ACP’s, and Michelle consistently provides excellent customer service to her clients. She blends her engineering expertise with her personal communication skills. She is very effective and conscientious project manager. I am very lucky to have a person with this skill set on our project team.”

Dan Roussin, CDOT Region 3 Permit Unit Manager (SH 82 Glenwood Springs ACP)


“Stolfus & Associates is a highly professional organization that exceeded all of my expectations.  The quality of workmanship in plan sheets and specifications was excellent.  More importantly, was the mantra exuded and atmosphere created by each associate of Stolfus; success is a must and no challenge is beyond them.”

Jason Nelson, CDOT Region 6 Traffic (CDOT Region 6 Traffic Signals)


“When you allow people to innovate and lead, you invite failure. This has not stopped Stolfus and Associates from taking innovative approaches in facilitating both Traffic Incident Management Committees. They will exercise initiative as a staff which has led to committees that are creative and flexible in addressing the issues related to traffic incident management.”

Greg Gilbert, Captain, Loveland Fire Rescue Authority (North I-25 and Statewide Traffic Incident Management Planning Committees)


“The team at Stolfus & Associates has proven to me that they can handle these complexities for their clients with the same level of skill and efficiency as the larger design firms that I have worked with.  In fact, their close knit office has proven to be an advantage compared to larger firms.  They quickly reacted to the inevitable issues that came up during design, and kept the work within the original scope of work and work hour estimate.”

John Hall, PE, CDOT Region 6 Cherry Creek Resident Engineer (Arapahoe Road Accel/Decel Improvements and Traffic Signal)


“While Stolfus and Associates have excelled at every task given to them, I have been particularly impressed with the ability of Elizabeth to interact with local government officials and staff as part of public processes.  She has a natural ability to both understand complex issues from all angles, as well as relate to the unique needs of sometimes conflicting interests.”

Zane Znamenacek, PE, CDOT Region 3 Traffic Program Engineer


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