CDOT and Municipal Agency Access Control Plans

Our communities are growing in numbers at a high rate; meanwhile, the public’s appetite for multiple modes of transportation and a high quality of main street life is growing even faster. Stolfus is helping our state and local communities plan for this ongoing and future growth by providing a unified vision of future access needs through Access Control Plans (ACPs). Having led several such plans over the years, Stolfus recently completed three of them: CO 92 Rogers Mesa, Delta (CO 92/50), and Montrose (US 550). Stolfus was able to bring each plan to adoption and agreement by providing solid technical analysis, offering creative access solutions that were coordinated with property owners, helping communities balance objectives for the greater good, and incorporating new ideas into the plan. We are also currently working on ACPs for US 50 in Canon City and US 34 from I-25 to Loveland.

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