Stolfus & Associates, Inc. (Stolfus) was founded by Elizabeth Stolfus in 2003.  The firm focuses on client service and engineering excellence to develop transportation projects with lasting value to the communities they serve.  Located in the Denver area, Stolfus serves Colorado communities and has staff experience on projects throughout the state.  We offer a wide range of traffic and transportation engineering related services including:

  • access management
  • incident management
  • traffic impact analyses
  • traffic operations evaluations
  • traffic signal design
  • roadway and intersection design
  • construction phasing and traffic control
  • signing and striping
  • transportation planning
  • public outreach
  • construction observation
  • project management

We currently have two traffic engineering NPS contracts with CDOT (Regions 1,2,4, and TSM&O as well as Regions 3 &5) enabling us to provide on-call traffic engineering services to CDOT on a statewide basis.  We also have General Engineering NPS contracts with CDOT Region 3 and CDOT Region 4 providing a broad range of transportation design services.  As a small firm, Stolfus offers personalized service and direct access to consultant team leaders throughout the project. Team members working on the project are experts in their field and provide valuable guidance to decision-makers on transportation solutions.

There are currently eighteen employees, including fifteen transportation engineers, one civil engineer, and two administrative staff members. Ten of the engineers are licensed professional engineers.

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